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Listed below are answers to many of the common questions asked by licensees.  Before contacting us, please check to see if the information below is helpful to you.  Thank you!

1.  Q:   I am not currently licensed and want to obtain a Michigan real estate license.  How do I go about this?

A:  You will need to complete the 40 hour salesperson pre-license class and pass the State of Michigan licensing exam before you can apply for a real estate salesperson license.  We are not currently offering pre-licensing classes.  Call for information, at 800-308-9004.

2.  Q:  What real estate classes does The Institute offer?

A:  We teach real estate continuing education classes which are required for salespersons and brokers in Michigan.  We have specialized in classes for the past 20 years, and our primary instructor, Mr. Joedy Patrick, has instructed over thousands of students in Michigan real estate continuing education. 

3.  Q:  How can I view The Institute's class schedule and/or sign up for a class?

A:  Our real estate continuing education class schedule is available here.

4.  Q:  I do not actively use my real estate license, but wish to keep it with a holding/referral company.  How do I place my license with Advanced Referral?

A:  Our license holding/referral company, Advanced Referral LLC, is designed for licensees who seek an economical way to keep their license with a broker.  For more information, please visit our Advanced Referral page.  If you wish to place you license with Advanced Referral, please call 800-308-9004 and we will be happy to send you the appropriate paperwork.

5.   Q: What is the process for completion of continuing education courses?

 A:  A licensee must complete at least 18 clock hours of continuing education per 3-year cycle. In each calendar year of the 3-year license cycle, a licensee shall complete a minimum of 2 hours involving law, rules and court cases regarding real estate. The licensee must certify they have completed the required continuing education on their license renewal application. The licensee must retain evidence that demonstrates he or she has met the continuing education requirements for at least 4 years after the date of certification. The Bureau of Professional Licensing (BPL) may complete an audit to determine if licensees have completed the required continuing education. The licensee is responsible for producing the record that contains evidence the licensee completed the required continuing education.

6.  Q: How can I check the status of my license?

A:  You can check your license status online at the State’s website at www.michigan.gov/realestate , click on “Check a license” on the rights side of the page, then search by your name or license number. Once your license records opens, under status it will show either active or lapsed. If it shows “active”, the State assumes you have completed all of the required continuing education hours. If it shows “lapsed” the State assumes that you have not completed your continuing education hours, or you have not paid any fees due pertaining to your license.                                                                                                                       

7.  Q:  My salesperson license is lapsed because I failed to complete one of the requirements noted in the answer above.  What do I need to do in order to reactivate my license?

A:  To view the State's educational requirements for re-licensure, follow this linkBecause the re-licensure process can be complicated and confusing, it is strongly recommended that you consult someone from the State of Michigan real estate licensing in order to determine the current status of your license and the exact requirements you will need to fulfill in order to relicense.  You can visit the State's real estate licensing website or contact them at 517-241-9288.  Please have your permanent ID# from your license/pocket card (lower left corner) ready when calling and note that they receive heavy call volumes, so you may need to try multiple times or leave a message.

8.  Q:  What is the re-licensure procedure for brokers?

A:  In order to relicense, brokers follow a similar process to salespersons which includes both an educational and a paperwork/fee requirement.  Broker relicense fees are higher, and run from $91 to $163.  Because the required paperwork will vary depending on the type of brokers license you have (associate or individual), it is recommended that you contact the State of Michigan's licensing office for brokers (517-241-9288) in order to receive assistance in the re-licensure process.

9.  Q:  Is it possible to take the continuing education class online?

A:  Yes, you can now complete your continuing education class online via the internet.  This is also an easy way to make up classes that you may have missed from previous years in order to relicense.  While we do not offer online classes ourselves, we do provide a link to online classes offered by Great Lakes Realty Systems, the company that produces the continuing education course material that we use each year.  Because these online classes are offered by Great Lakes Realty Systems, not by The Institute, you will need to contact them at the website stated previously.

10.  Q:  How can I contact the State of Michigan's real estate licensing office?

A:  If you have questions about any real estate licensing or education issues, you can find a good deal of information on the State of Michigan's real estate licensing website.  It is recommended that you try their website first as they receive heavy call volumes and can be difficult to reach.  However, if you do need to contact them, their numbers are listed below.  Please have your permanent ID# from your license/pocket card (lower left corner) ready when calling.
  General:          517-241-9288  Fax # 517-373-1044

11.  Q:  I have read through all these answers, and my question is still not answered - what next?

A:  If you still have an unanswered question or need additional information, feel free to contact us.  If you have any questions about our real estate classes or Advanced Referral LLC, please call us at 800-308-9004 (in MI) or 517-381-9600.  You can also fax us at 517-833-9646 or email us at institute4coned@yahoo.com

12.  Q: What if I am unable to attend a class I registered for?

A: If you register for a continuing education class through the Institute and for whatever reason are unable to attend, you must contact us to reschedule.  Please review carefully the “no show” policy in our continuing education brochure (under Important Notes, just above the registration form).  As our classes include lunch, we must provide exact counts to the facilities where our classes are held, and once we provide the count we are charged for your lunch whether you attend or not.  If you register for a class, fail to attend, and also fail to inform us in advance that you will be unable to attend (by 3:00 pm the day before the class; 3:00 pm the Friday before a Monday class), you will be charged the full price ($59-$64) for any class you take from us in the same calendar year.  This undesirable situation can be easily avoided if you notify us at least one day in advance if you will be unable to attend a class you have registered for.  Of course, the more notice you can provide to us the better, and if you need to reschedule a class there is no penalty as long as you contact us by the 3:00 pm deadline.  Finally, we recognize that certain situations beyond your control, such as family emergencies, may arise after the 3:00 pm deadline that force you to miss the class.  In these cases, if you contact us as soon as you are able and explain the situation, a satisfactory compromise can usually be reached.

Thank you for visiting our website and have a great day!

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