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Please note:

Due to the Covid-19, all March and April classes have been cancelled.

We will be sure to promptly return all of your phone messages.

Summer and fall classes are still on the schedule at this time.

Should you find that you need to take a class from a previous year, please select the Resources tab at the top of this page and follow the link to "online course information".

Important Policy Information for 2020

In order to qualify for the prepaid discount, registrations must now be RECEIVED by 4:00pm at least TWO (2) business days before the class. For example, for a Friday class, prepaid registrations must be received by 4:00pm Wednesday and for a Monday class, prepaid registrations must be received by 4:00pm Thursday. All registrations received after this deadline will be charged the regular rate (extra $5), but we still highly recommend that you call to ensure availability and place your name on the list. This change is necessary in order to provide more accurate lunch counts to the hotels and restaurants. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.