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Please note: 2021 Class registrations are available now!

As a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) there will be no in person classes in 2021, at least not as of this date. However, starting in April, I will be putting on Zoom based classes on a regular basis.

 Joedy Patrick

Please do not sign up for a class unless you can adhere to all of the following:

-          Ø  I must be able to see you during the class as I must certify to the CE marketplace your attendance. Therefore you must have a camera and microphone on your computer, tablet or other device. You must be visible on the camera at all times during                  the class.

-          Ø  Your camera needs to remain stable and unmoving during the session please as excessive movement is distracting.

-          Ø  Testing of your equipment should be done prior to the class. You will need reasonable connectivity to the internet for the duration of the class.    

-          Accepted Rules of Etiquette apply!

-          Ø  Remain comfortably seated or standing – no driving, walking, bicycling or the like please. You will get four 15 breaks throughout the day. Do not leave for extended periods of time or accept phone calls during the session.

-          Ø  The Institute at its sole discretion reserves the right to remove from the class anyone who fails to adhere to follow these reasonable requirements. If you are removed from the class a full refund of the tuition that you paid will be refunded to you.   


        If you have any questions about these guidelines feel free to call me directly (517) 980-5143.


- Joedy

Should you find that you need to take a class from a previous year, please select the Resources tab at the top of this page and follow the link to "online course information".

Important Policy Information for 2021

In the event that you are registered for a Zoom class and you are unable to attend please call us (800) 308-9004 no later than 5:00pm the day before the class. If you need to change a date that you have registered for please call the office. The course manual that you would normally receive in class will available for you to print and or download, As a mater of course we will not be mailing these to you. If you have never attended a Zoom or similar type of virtual meeting before it is your responsibility to make sure that you have the connectivity and technology to attend the meeting without interruption between 8:00am and 1:45. You must have the ability to hear the presentation and you must have a camera so that I can see you throughout the presentation. there will be a 15 minute break following four 75 minute segments.